Career Alerts

It’s time.  You may be bored, looking for a new challenge, reached a glass door, or just need a career builder.  Indeed finding a new job can be a monster of a task.  It would be great if you could just zip through it or roll the dice but it just isn’t that easy.  Regency Search is here to keep you linked in on some of the markets hot jobs.  Search jobs, set up a career alert(s), and stay in-touch, and sooner rather than later you will likely find yourself simply hired.  Get started by setting up your Career Alerts.

Setting up a “Career Alert” is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Let our technology work for you!

  1. Type in your search criteria and hit enter.
  2. Review your search results.  (The goal is to have the search return the TYPE of position you are looking for.)
  3. Click “CREATE ALERT” and enter your current email address.

Positions meeting these search criteria will be emailed to you as they enter the network, and will include a direct link to that job posting.  Career Alerts last for 90 days.


Search criteria should be key words that best describe your industry, background, and skill set.   (Typically 3 to 5 words or short statements)

How do I search by keyword?

  • Keywords are the most important words on your resume and are generally used to describe your industry, background, and skill set. These important or “key” words should be placed in the search box.  When you hit enter your search results will show jobs that have those specific words in them.  NOTE:  Changing your keywords may change your results so try different combinations!

How do I search by location?

  • In the Location field enter city, state, or zip code (or any combination) for your job location. Use commas to expand the range of the location (Ex. CA, NV).

Search criteria returning too many results?

  • Get more specific with your key words. Think of title, specific responsibilities, or certifications that will narrow the results.
  • If location is important select by state or zip code to narrow results.

Search not returning the right TYPE of positions?

  • Reevaluate search criteria and key words and try again. Selecting the right key words makes all the difference.
  • Try different combinations of words as they often result in different positions.